Nostalgic crafts with biodegradable Moomin beads

Make your own Moomin with NABBI BioBeads! Arrange the beads on the pegboard and fuse them together with an iron to create a Moominous art piece.

Did you spend your childhood building with fuse beads and watching the Moomins? Now you can relive those moments with NABBI’s Moomin-themed BioBead kits! The new kits are available in five lovely designs. Is your favourite Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Snorkmaiden or Little My?

Play, create and relax with Moomin beads

Creating with beads is a fun activity both for adults and children. With NABBI’s bead kits, you can create art for your walls or have a relaxing crafts session either alone or together with friends and family. 

moomin nabbi beads

Which kit would you like to try out first? 

The colours and designs of the five first Moomin kits go well together and can be combined into a bigger patchwork thanks to the click-together pegboards.

In addition to the beads and a pegboard, the kit includes a pattern sheet with instructions and a sheet of ironing paper.

Made from biodegradable materials

The materials have been carefully chosen to ensure the product won’t harm the environment and is safe to play with. The beads and the pegboard are made of Biodolomer, a biodegradable material that does not create microplastics, and the ironing paper is reusable and recyclable. 

The beads are beautifully matte-coloured and feel heavier in hand than regular plastic beads – almost like tiny jewels!

You can now find the kits on the Moomin Shop, click the link below to order yours.