How to say “Moomin” in different languages

Have you ever thought about how to say “Moomin” in different languages? If you’re a true fan, you know “Moomin” in the original language, Swedish, is “mumin”, but what about Polish, or Dutch, or Italian?

Here are a few examples of what “Moomin” is in different languages. Dozens of languages are missing from this list – let us know on social media what “Moomin” is in your language, and we’ll add it to the list!

Arabic: مومين
Bulgaria: муминтрол
Chinese: 姆明
Czech: Muminci
Danish: Mumitroldene
Dutch: Moemin
English: Moomin
Estonian: Muumitrollid
Filipino: Momin
Finnish: Muumi
French: Les Moumines / Moumine
German: Die Mumins
Hebrew: המומינים
Hungarian: Múminok
Icelandic: Múmínálfarnir
Italian: Mumin
Japanese: ムーミン
Korean: 무민
Latvian: Trollīši Mumini
Lithuanian: Troliai Mumiai
Norwegian: Mummitrollet
Polish: Muminki
Portuguese: Mumin
Russian: Муми-тролли
Turkish: Moominler
Spanish: Los Mumins
Swedish: Mumin
Ukranian: Мумі-тролі

And here comes the best part! Have a look at this multi-language version of the ’90s series Moomin theme song – 17 different languages nicely mixed! The original version by Benny Törnroos was created in Finnish and Swedish, but the two theme songs have been translated to more than 60 languages!

Can you hear similarities of the singing voices in different languages?