Lyko x Moomin: A Moominous oasis of wellbeing for every home

Lyko, the leading Nordic cosmetics chain, has launched a Moomin collection with beauty and home products. Inspired by the harmonious atmosphere of Moominvalley, the second drop of the collection features a winter edition of the popular home kit (a hand wash, a hand cream & a scented candle) - and three brand new spa kits (a shower gel, a body soufflé & a body scrub)! Available from 30 October 2023.

The new Moomin x By Lyko collection brings characters from Tove Jansson‘s novels and comics to beauty and home products. The collection, part of the cosmetics chain’s own By Lyko range, is inspired by Moominvalley’s bathing hut and the Moomins on the Riviera comic from 1955.

lyko moomin


“The Moomins love to bathe.”

“The Moomins love to bathe, and Moominvalley’s bathing hut is a place filled with joy, relaxation, and community. The products in the series are designed to reflect the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the bathing hut and help customers create their own oasis of wellbeing”, says Julia Ivarsson, Brand Manager at By Lyko.

“We have used the Moomin family’s adventures on the Riviera as an inspiration to create a completely unique and enchanting home and spa series.”

Moomin in the riviera
Moomins on the Riviera (1955)

Courage and tolerance are the cornerstones of Lyko – as well as important values of the Moomin stories.

“Moomin and Lyko share common values, and we are very excited about this collaboration. We hope the products can offer a moment of peace and tranquility, just like the cosy moments the Moomins are so good at creating,” says Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters.

The second collection release out now

The new release features a winter edition of the popular home kit, including a hand wash, a hand cream and a scented candle, as well as three brand new spa kits, including a shower gel, a body soufflé & a body scrub. You can choose based on your favourite Moomin character, different colours or delicious scents!

lyko moomin

lyko moomin

The first selection from September still available

The very first drop of the Moomin x By Lyko collection came out in September 2023, offering two home kits and a candle set. The Home Kit beauty kits, which come in the scents of green tea or citrus and white flowers, include a scented candle, hand soap and hand lotion. The separate candle kit includes three scented candles featuring Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden, Little My, and the Moomin family.

The collection also includes exclusive gift packaging and toiletry bags, where the atmosphere of Moominvalley’s bathing hut comes to life. The packaging is designed to enhance the customer experience and create a sense of magic and adventure with each use.

Lyko Moomin

Moomin lyko

The Moomin x By Lyko collection will be available for a limited time in Lyko stores and online shop.