Today we’re starting a series called “Letters from Tove”

Author and artist Tove Jansson received thousands of letters from people all around the world and she took it upon herself to answer as many as she possibly could. These letters are still waiting to be discovered and we would be delighted for them to see the light of day. We’ve posted a number of letters by tove already and as you can see, they are a treat to read.

If you or anyone you know once wrote to Tove and got a letter back, we would love to share it with this community of Moomin and Tove fans.

Please write to if you have a letter you would like to share or if you have information about letters out there.

Here is the full list:

  1. I’m so glad you like my trolls
  2. I’m so glad to know you like my stories
  3. It has been so worthwhile, all of it
  4. A little like sitting in a tree and looking at people below
  5. The other night I really saw a comet
  6. It looks rather forbidding but it’s full of wildflowers
  7. I have a funny feeling that now, maybe, I am going to write again 
  8. Tove Jansson writing as Santa Claus