The Moomins live in a round, blue house that’s the same shape as a ceramic fireplace. The house originally had only two storeys, but the numerous visitors soon made it feel cramped. The Moomins extended the house, which now has three storeys and a cellar.

Moominpappa is very proud of this house, which he built with his own two hands. It has weathered storms and earthquakes, and is big enough for everyone – Moomin, his family and the friends that live with them – to have their own room.

The kitchen, salon and bathroom are on the ground floor. The first floor houses the Moomin family’s bedrooms and the guestrooms. When Moominpappa wants to write his memoirs, he heads for his study on the second floor.

You can study the rooms in the Moominhouse in more detail using the map you’ll find in the book Finn Family Moomintroll. You’re probably also wondering why the house looks like a ceramic fireplace. Legend has it that, in the old days, the Moomins used to live behind Tove’s ceramic fireplace.