Too-Ticky is a dear friend of the Moomin family. She is wise and knows how to solve all sorts of dilemmas in a sensible and practical way. Too-Ticky is like a little whirlwind and always dives straight into action, cleaning up and helping the Moomins to keep everything in order.

Too-Ticky stands out from the rest of the Moominvalley crowd, as she doesn’t hibernate. She spends the winter in the Moomin family’s bathhouse. Here, she makes herself as comfortable as possible and the invisible shrews keep her company.

Although Too-Ticky is able to repair anything, she believes that sometimes you just have to accept that not everything that gets broken can be fixed. She doesn’t want to tell others how to live, as she believes that everyone learns through experience.

Too-Ticky wears a striped shirt, dark trousers and a bobble hat. We first meet her in the book Moominland Midwinter, in which Moomintroll wakes up in the middle of hibernation and learns to understand winter with Too-Ticky’s help.

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