An excitable dreamer

Snorkmaiden is a creative and excitable dreamer whose imagination comes in handy on adventures. She is very resourceful and quick-thinking, which often leads to her saving the day in style with a unique and ingenious solution. For example, she once rescued Moomintroll from a deep-sea octopus with nothing other than a ruby looking-glass. She enjoys acting out stories about beautiful maidens and brave heroes – with herself and Moomintroll in the leading roles, of course.

“I’ll have to calm down a bit. Or else I’ll burst with happiness.” (Moominsummer Madness, 1954)

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  • Snorkfräulein
  • La Demoiselle Snorque
  • Grugnina
  • Panna Migotka
  • Snorkstelpan
  • Snork-meisje
  • Tusklikupreili