Moominmamma is the gentle and nurturing heart of the Moomin family. She has a special skill for ensuring that people feel cared for and welcome to be themselves. Her housekeeping might seem unusual to some – she’d rather leave the dishes out in the rain than wash them herself – and she has a rebellious streak and a great love of fun. Nature is very important to her, and she tends her garden with the same care as she tends to her family. Moominmamma is never seen without her handbag, which contains the solution to many problems – along with dry socks, string, bark, sweets and tummy powder!

‘“There’s a lot of things one can’t understand,” Moominmamma said to herself. “But why should everything be exactly as one is used to having it.”’ (Moominsummer Madness, 1954) 

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  • Muminmutter
  • Maman Moomin
  • Mamma Mumin
  • Mamusia Muminka
  • Múmínmamma
  • Mamma
  • Muumi-mamma
Are you unhappy about something?’ Moominmamma asked. ‘No,’ answered Moomintroll. ‘Well, it’ll be another nice long day tomorrow,’ said Moominmamma. ‘And it’s all yours from beginning to end. Now isn’t that a lovely thought!