Little My

Little My lives with the Moomins in the Moominhouse, even though she isn’t related to them. Little My is brave and fearless, and is eager to join the Moomins on their adventures. Sometimes she really seems to love small catastrophes.

Little My is fiery and irritable – but also happy and friendly. Small things may easily annoy her, but she never does mean things on purpose. Sometimes, when others are being overly sentimental, she brings them quickly back to earth with her acute observations.

Little My always wants to decide things for herself. Mess and untidiness don’t bother her at all: in fact, life is much more exciting that way. Being quite small, she can hide in a milk jug or amongst the ladles and whisks in a kitchen drawer. Sometimes she goes to sleep in Snufkin’s pocket.

Little My likes to find out people’s secrets, but she never reveals them to others. In spite of her wild and reckless acts, Little My is honest and reliable. She’s at home in every situation – she’s prepared for anything.

Little My was born on midsummer night. The Moomin family took her in when she was still very young. The elder Mymble is her mother and Snufkin is her half brother. She is also sister to the younger Mymble. Little My wears her bright, copper-red hair in an onion-shaped bun on top of her head and usually wears a red dress. Little My first appears in Moominpappa’s Memoirs.

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