27 June 2017

A wide selection of Moomin products in the Finnish grocery stores!

In Finland, you will stumble across Moomin products almost everywhere. Of course, there are Moomin Shops and Moomin licensee’s own shops selling Moomin products but did you know that also from the grocery stores you will find a wide range of Moomin products? Here are few examples to look for:

Moomin household towels and napkins by Lotus

Moomin honey by Hunajainen Sam

Non-alcoholic Moomin drinks by Lasso drinks

Moomin jam and smoothies

Moomin fruit snacks

Moomin soft drink by Sinebrychoff

Moomin rye chips and dried berries by Showroom Finland

Moomin organic corn snacks by Real Snacks

Moomin whole grain oat & rye cookies by Elovena

Moomin bandaids by Salvequick


Moomin wet wipes, toothpaste, shampoo and body lotion by Berner

Available also from the official Moomin web store

Our Moomin fan club members are well aware of that moomin.com also sells Moomin coffee by Robert Paulig, Moomin tea and cocoa by Nordqvist as well as cookies and candies by Fazer. Surely you’ll get them also from the Finnish groceries but if you are not visiting Finland in the near future, remember that we ship worldwide!


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