23 February 2018

Two new child-friendly Mumin Kaffe cafés now open in Finland

Mumin Kaffe has opened the second northernmost Moomin café at the premises of Finland’s first science centre, Science Centre Tietomaa in Oulu. Since 1988 the science centre has given unforgettable experiences to many generations visiting there with school groups or families and now besides learning and entertaining exploration, locals and tourists have also the possibility to enjoy a cup of coffee at Mumin Kaffe – every day!

Mumin Kaffe Oulu. Photo: Mumin Kaffe


Mumin Kaffe Salmisaari. Photo: Moomin Characters

Mumin Kaffe at Mechelininkatu in Helsinki has now moved to new premises at Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus, the sports centre near Ruoholahti metro station.

Just like the other Mumin Kaffe cafés in Finland and Sweden, also the new cafés are specialized in child-friendly customer service where children are the priority.


Mumin Kaffe Salmisaari. Photo: Moomin Characters

Mumin Kaffe prefers domestically produced items and offers a wide variety of sweet pastries, cakes, cookies and sandwiches to enjoy. The cafés also serve ice cream, selection of soft drinks and juices, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Mumin Kaffe Oulu serves also lunch!


Mumin Kaffe Oulu. Photo: Mumin Kaffe


The wellbeing of children is one of the main values of the Mumin Kaffe café chain and that is why Mumin Kaffe tries to avoid products with artificial additives.

Tove Jansson’s Moomin illustrations and quotes on the walls cheer up both children and adults. Being like a living room for families, children have a soft play area for playing and reading. Cafés also have popular shop-in-shops for customers to buy for example some exclusive Mumin Kaffe products.

Mumin Kaffe Oulu. Photo: Mumin Kaffe



Opening hours of the Mumin Kaffe cafés can be found from Mumin Kaffe’s website. Remember also to follow cafés on Facebook to be the first one to hear the news cafés have to offer:


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