Tove Slotte documentary “Art of the Line”

Watch the full Tove Slotte documentary, Viivalla – Art Of The Line, and learn more about the celebrated designer of the famous Moomin mugs by Arabia.

Nelli Kallinen, a Bachelor of Culture and Arts student from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, wanted to figure out how Tove Slotte ended up in her job as the designer of the popular Moomin mugs. This is a warm-hearted documentary of an artist who continues Tove Jansson’s work to spread positivity to homes worldwide.

”No one of us understood that this was going to be so huge”

“Art of the Line” is a documentary film about the artist Tove Slotte, known for her work as an illustrator of the Moomin Characters mugs. The documentary explores an artist’s career who has dedicated her life to a big universal brand.

Viivalla – Art Of The Line.

Production year: 2014
Duration: 15:45
Subtitles: English

Written & directed by Nelli Kallinen
Cinematography and editing: Mika Koivunen
Sound: Nelli Kallinen & Mika Koivunen
Production assistant: Noora Kekkonen
Music: Mikko Iivanainen
Production: Arto Tuohimaa / Metropolia UAS

Director’s words:

“Almost every Finn has drunk a cup of coffee from a Moomin Character mug. But how many of these people know the artist behind the Moomin mug pictures? That is why I found it out and found an artist called Tove Slotte, but I wasn`t happy about the small amount of information found from Tove. I wanted to know more about this artist that has spent almost 25 years of her life drawing the pictures for the Moomin mugs and furthermore spread this information to all of us that know the Moomin mugs. And this is how the documentary Art of The Line came about.

With this documentary, we want to give a voice to an artist and tell her story to the audience. Art of The Line is an expedition to the world of Moomin mug pictures.”