22 January 2016

The People’s light featuring Moomins by Finlayson

Can a lamp be soft? Or how about if it wouldn’t break easily? Where should it be placed or hung? On the table, ceiling, wall, shelf, sofa or in a bed? The People’s Light is soft, and there are many different designs available. It is ideal in a child’s bedroom; a top notch night light which you can even have in your lap. It functions as a mood light, even in places where lamps have not previously been seen. It is a lamp with no rules, but many possibilities. The lamp is light and can be made flat; and thus is an ideal product for web stores and retailers.



• Textile cover from 100 % cotton
• Includes a LED embedded light film which lasts more than 10 years (100 000 hours)
• Low-power light, which does not overheat; AC 230 V
• All lamp parts have the CE-marking and are tested for product safety
• Height in this product 22 cm
• Multiple options on design


Available for deliveries during Autumn 2016


The people's light by Finlayson_3

The people's light by Finlayson

The people's light by Finlayson_2

We are in! This is perfect! Stay tuned for more information!

Photos: Raisa Varsta

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