RIMOWA & MOOMIN take centre stage at Tokyo’s most famous department store

RIMOWA launches a limited-edition capsule collection with Moomin, unveiled at RIMOWA’s “An Original Journey” pop-up at the Isetan department store in Tokyo. The collection includes two leather charms and sticker sets to match with the RIMOWA Original Collection.

RIMOWA and Moomin have made their mark on the Isetan department store front wall in Tokyo, Japan. A big Moomintroll trying to close a filled suitcase decorates the city’s most famous department store entrance and gives a taster of the new limited-edition capsule collection.

RIMOWA is a global leader in premium luggage and bags, best known for its aviation-inspired aluminium and polycarbonate suitcases. The brand has innovated the world of travel accessories since 1898, combining a legacy of craftsmanship with modern technology.

Starting this week, from 12 to 18 June, RIMOWA is hosting a pop-up store inside the Isetan department store.


Isetan is a historical landmark and the most famous department store in Tokyo, with origins in kimono sales in the late 1800s. Attracting more than 30 million shoppers per year, Isetan is seen as a trailblazer of trends and new products in Japan. Located in the buzzing central Tokyo area of Shinjuku, Isetan is just around the corner from the world’s busiest train station.

RIMOWA & MOOMIN capsule collection celebrates adventure

RIMOWA’s first-ever Isetan pop-up store introduces two new RIMOWA & MOOMIN Leather Charms, one with Moomintroll and one with Snorkmaiden, and two different packages of Sticker Sets.



“We’re thrilled about this capsule collection that blends together the Moomin’s sense of adventure with RIMOWA’s innovative design. As brands, we share common values and a long history of captivating both lifelong fans as well as new audiences. These classic but quirky designs celebrate that beautifully, inspiring fans to embark on their own adventures,” says James Zambra, Creative Director at Moomin Characters.

The Charms will only be sold at the pop-up, together with an exclusive shopping bag inspired by an illustration from Tove Jansson’s picture book The Dangerous Journey (1997).

In the book, a young girl is magically transported into a new world of spluttering volcanos, upside-down flying birds and mystical swamps. Her unforgettable adventure with Hemulen, Sniff and Thingumy and Bob ends in a hot-air balloon rescue and a delightful party in Moominvalley.


Through breathtaking watercolours and playful passages, the final Moomin book by Tove Jansson is a triumphant adventure with a joyous ending.

The RIMOWA & MOOMIN Giant Sticker Set, featuring 30 stickers in a customised box, also draws inspiration from this classic Moomin story. Another smaller Sticker Set introduces six comic-inspired stickers.

RIMOWA Moomin stickers

Both Sticker Sets will become available globally on rimowa.com after the pop-up ends on 18 June.

During the pop-up, you can also pose inside a photo booth within The Dangerous Journey themed frames adorned by Moomintroll, Snufkin, and Little My.

Alongside the exciting Moomin capsule collection, the pop-up celebrates RIMOWA’s iconic Original collection and introduces an Emerald green model to the Japanese market.