16 May 2019

Oh yeah! LINE releases an all-inclusive set of Moominvalley stickers to Moominize chatting

LINE is a messaging app with hundreds of millions of users around the world, where users can express themselves with texts, images, video and audio. It goes beyond many other messaging services to offer also stickers, social games and an extensive range of other accompanying apps that connect to the service.

To make messaging more Moominous, LINE released its first set of Moomin stickers in 2013. The set surprised everyone as it was downloaded over 6 million times during the first week. This year LINE has a brand new scheme up their sleeve: a new collection based on the brand new animation series “Moominvalley”.


Moominizing messages


“Moominvalley” is the brand new TV adaptation of the Finnish writer-illustrator Tove Jansson’s classic and much-loved body of work that brings Moomins to a new generation.

The animation series has so far been aired in Finland, Japan and the UK, surpassing all expectations. For example, it attracted a total of 1.38 million viewers in just four days, where the first episode aired on the 25th of February. With a total population of 5,5 million people, this means an incredible one in four Finns tuned in to watch the first episode during the first four days.


The new Moomin sticker collection by LINE is called “Moominvalley”, and it includes a full set of stickers with useful phrases and reactions for daily life.


The stickers were released in already earlier this year in Japan, where the most used sticker has been the “Take a break” sticker with the warm and loving Moominmamma serving a cup of tea.

The collection is made for LINE-app and it can be downloaded here.

LINE-app can be downloaded here.




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