15 June 2016

New Moomin product: SAM Moomin honey

For almost thirty years, the family company Hunajainen SAM has produced honey in Finland in the footsteps of the founder Kari Koivulehto. In 1964, Kari got his first beehive as a Christmas present and ten years later he began teaching beekeeping at the University of Helsinki. Enthusiasm led to the establishment of the own company in 1987.

Crystallized Moomin honey

Sam honey Moomin

The cold winter in Finland combined with the short but warm summers and nightless nights create a unique, distinct flavor to this softly crystallized Moomin honey. 

The new Moomin honey by SAM was launched at the opening of the Moominworld last week. Soft crystallized honey has a sweet taste and it is collected from the selected areas of the Finnish nature.

Moomin honey will also be available at the Moomin event at the Moomin Shop Itis, Helsinki on Thursday 16th of June.


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