The new Moomin meals emphasize family-oriented life and the independence of children

Jalostaja, a Finnish family-owned manufacturer of foods, founded in 1959, has recently brought four delicious children’s Moomin meals to the market.

After being tasted by the kids, the ready meals are produced in Turku, Finland. Moomin Salmon Soup, Moomin Pasta Carbonara, Moomin Minced Meat Soup and Moomin Pasta Bolognese are all packed like they are easy to be cooked by children without adults! The meals can be heated either in a boiled water or in a microwave so children can easily get the real food, for example, after school days before adults get home.


“The daily life of families are mostly busy and at Jalostaja we want to be involved in helping and facilitating family life, for example, with these new Moomin foods. Children have been strongly involved in the product development phase and now when the products are available, children can independently cook their food even without their parents’ presence”, says Lauri Lundén, Managing Director of Jalostaja.

The common values of the two family companies

As a family business, children and families have always been important for Jalostaja. The third generation of the Lundén family is now leading Jalostaja and the company wants to be involved in helping the everyday life of families.

When Jalostaja wanted to launch a new children food category, the connection to family-centered Moomins was very natural. The core values on Moomin stories created by Tove Jansson emphasize the rights of the individual to be independent and free when at the same time the family ties are utmost important.

“It’s great to see Jalostaja sharing the important family-centered values with us. Moomin Characters Ltd, founded by Tove and Lars Jansson, are still 100% family-owned company and we have noticed our co-operation to work particularly well with other family businesses”, says Roleff Kråkström, Managing Director of Moomin Characters.

Moomin meals by Jalostaja can be bought from grocery stores in Finland.


Photos: Jalostaja