20 August 2015

New Moomin Light Bulb by Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf – the creator of the world’s most energy efficient and uniquely designed LED bulbs – has created a new line of whimsical Moomin-themed Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs that will entice a younger generation of tree huggers.


The bulb only uses 10 watts to produce 1200 Lumens and it’s the most energy efficient and environment friendly LED bulb on the market. It also is the first bulb in the world to have a dimmer function built-in, which means that you can dim your lights with a normal on/off switch! The ”Night Mode”-function in the bulb only uses 0,5 watts and it gives a pleasant light and is perfect to use for example in a children’s room at night.

The Moomin Light Bulbs are in stores in autumn.


This New Moomin Light Bulb is Not Only Adorable… It’s here to Save the World!

Moomin Themed Eco-Living that will Capture the Heart and Enrich the Mind Inspired by the intricacies of origami, the bulb features a never-before-seen dodecahedron shape that merges the worlds of elegant design and sci-fi aesthetics. Made with unique PCB (printed circuit board) material, the Nanoleaf Bloom is fully customizable with color and laser etched designs. This unique Moomin edition bulb is detailed with adorable Moomin characters on the bulb’s surface and comes in eco-friendly Moomin-themed packaging, making it the most lovable light bulb to have ever illuminated the world. “We find this new product of high interest and it rhymes well with Moomin values. We are happy about this co-branding opportunity.” says Gustav Melin the licensing Director at Bulls.

The Nanoleaf Bloom is an energy saving light bulb that is incredibly green but makes no compromises when it comes to design. “Beauty and energy savings usually don’t co-exist, but Nanoleaf has made it possible for the worlds of elegance and green-consciousness to collide. Nanoleaf’s mission is to provide design-focused eco-friendly products for a beautiful life with no compromises, and now we’re proud to be giving the younger generation something to be excited about in the green-living space with this Moomin partnership.” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

Dimmable Without a Dimmer Switch to Drastically Reduce Energy Consumption

Nanoleaf has reshaped the industry standards with their origami-inspired light bulbs. Winning the 2015 Red Dot Award for Best Product Design, the Nanoleaf Bloom is the first-ever light bulb to have customizable dimming capabilities built right into its hardware, making it dimmable in non-dimming fixtures. While dimming can lead to drastic energy savings, not all spaces have dimmers installed – the Nanoleaf Bloom is that simple solution to this common problem.

While the Nanoleaf Bloom bulb is on, simply flick the switch off+on to start dimming, and off+on again to lock in the brightness at the desired level. Using only 10 watts of energy to produce 1200 lumens at its brightest, the 75-watt equivalent bulb also has a ‘Night Mode’ feature, which uses less than half a watt of energy – virtually nothing at all.


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