23 April 2018

#mytove – Share your experiences from reading Tove Jansson’s books with us

Today we celebrate World Book Day and we want to highlight the amazing production of the beloved Tove Jansson. Besides the Moomin books Tove wrote many short stories and novels, together with the Moomin books they are a true literary treasure, where you can find new meaning no matter where or when in life.

Which is your favorite Tove Jansson book? Do you cherish a special memory from the time you’ve read Tove’s books, is there a specific book that has left an impeccable impression on you, or did they awaken thoughts? Which Tove-related memory would you want to share with us?

Share your thoughts and story with us on social media under #mytove. Your contribution can be a short text, a picture or video – as long as you use #mytove – please also tag us @moominofficial. We’ll draw a lucky contributor among the posts who will receive a book package and other goodies from Moomin.com.

Below you’ll find Tove Jansson’s niece, Sophia Jansson sharing her memories connected to a certain Tove Jansson book which has become especially important for her. Which is your favorite book by Tove Jansson?

During World Book Day we also wish to encourage reading by offering a special discount on all Tove’s books on Moomin.com.


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