11 October 2017

Earlier we organized a competition where you could win a day behind-the-scenes at Mumin Kaffe in Helsinki, Finland. The winner for this special days is Lina, from Sweden and she joined us at Mumin Kaffe on Monday. Lina has known the Moomins since she was a child, reading Tove Jansson’s books and watching the animation on TV. While living abroad she felt Tove Jansson and the Moomins reminded her of her Scandinavian roots.

The day started at Mumin Kaffe, Liisankatu where Saara from Moomin.com, Elina and Juuso from Mumin Kaffe met Lina, her two children – Woody and Elsie, and their grandmother Sussie. We had some morning coffee and Lina got to know a bit about the story behind Mumin Kaffe. After playing around on the playground for quite some time Woody joined us for some milk and Karelian pie (a Finnish pastry).

The rainy day in Helsinki was perfect for enjoying the cosy atmosphere at Mumin Kaffe, and getting a glimpse at how it is to work there and how everyone is welcomed with open arms. “Mumin Kaffe is a great place for children with their child friendly environment and beautiful play area with swings, books and a giant Groke! It was lovely sharing the experience with my son, Woody and see his love for the Moomins and the Groke (which is his favourite character). It was also nice meeting Saara and Elina, hear about their memories of the Moomins and learn more about Finland and the Finnish culture.” Lina describes the special day at the cafés.

After we’d finished our coffee we headed out in the rain again and moved to Mumin Kaffe, Stockmann. We sat down for a little bit and played with the books and touch screen game at the café.

After a little break at Stockmann we headed over to Moomin Shop, Forum and had a look at all the wonderful Moomin items they have in their selection. The day flew by and soon it was time for the little ones to take a nap and for us to say goodbye. “The day exceeded my expectations! We felt so well looked after and the whole day was filled with fun and Moomin-joy! I really appreciate this experience and that the schedule was flexible and worked well with my two kids. I’m already planning our next visit to Helsinki so we can visit more Mumin Kaffe’s, HAM and follow the Moomin city map” Lina continues describing the day. “Thank you for such a wonderful day and all the special gifts.”

We want to thank Lina for taking part in our competition, and thank her, Woody, Elsie and Sussie for  joining us at Mumin Kaffe, Helsinki – it was a wonderful day!

Moomin.com & Mumin Kaffe

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