18 March 2016

Moomins and The Outdoor Association of Finland

In the 50s started the co-operation between Moomins and Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland. The relationship with nature was important for Tove Jansson and that was one reason for the co-operation. In 1957 began children’s ski school activities at Suomen Latu and Tove designed the diplomas and ski patches for the participants. Moomintroll on skis was also on the cover of the teacher’s manual in 1968.

Suomen Latu Muumi hihamerkki 1966

Suomen Latu todistus 1966

Tove Jansson_Suomen Latu_Hiihtokoulun käsikirja 1968

At the moment Suomen Latu organizes Moomin outdoor activities where children can familiarize themselves with skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and experience the wonderful nature in Finland.

In 2017 Moomins and Suomen Latu will celebrate the 60th anniversary together and Suomen Latu will publish a Moomin book series together with Finnish publisher Tammi. Can’t wait the autumn and the first book to be published!

Photos: Suomen Latu

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