9 November 2016

Moomin plush toys with exclusive Moomin Shop scarves now available

Moomin Shop exclusive plush toys are one of the cutest Christmas presents for the youngest of the family! You can find Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Moominmamma, Moominpappa and Little My plushies from moomin.com and from the Official Moomin Shops in Helsinki.

Moomin Shop Moomin plushies by Martinex come with ‘Moomin Shop’ scarves and also the tags of the plushies are updated to fill the needs of our true fans. We listened to you – tag should also be as beautiful as the product.

Moomin Shop Moomin plush

And what about the Little My’s dress – it’s different than usual too!

Moomin Shop Little My plush


Collect them all and buy the Official Moomin Shop Plush Toys – only available for a limited time.


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