Moomin mobile postcards now available in English and Japanese!


The Moomin MoovieCard is a great way to send greetings using the known cartoons beloved by all!

Moomin MoovieCards are mobile postcards based on Tove and Lars Jansson’s original Moomin comic strips, complete with animation, ambiance and sound effects. They can be created and shared through MoovieCloud’s iOS application. Moomin MoovieCards are now available in English and Japanese. Chinese, Finnish and Swedish content will be released later this month!


Creating MoovieCard mobile postcards is easier than ever and the very first Japanese language content bundle, “Fun and Anarchy”, is now available. The application itself is also available in Japanese featuring new sharing platforms, such as LINE and WeChat in addition to Facebook, WhatsApp, YuuZoo and Youtube.

To send a Moomin MoovieCard, download the MoovieCloud application and create a mobile postcard simply by choosing a desired comic strip from a bundle of 20, type in your name and share it. It couldn’t get any easier! Delight your family and friends with an exclusive Moomin MoovieCard!


Photos: Moomin Characters
Text: MoovieCloud