21 November 2016

Moomin lights made in Finland

This summer Melaja Ltd bought the business of Moomin lights from Feelis Helsinki. Melaja Ltd has been manufacturing Moomin Lights since 2014 when the products came to market. Melaja is excited about the new possibility to develop the Moomin lights product family together with the designer Harri Koskinen. Melaja Ltd wants, above all, to improve the availability of products, but also to expand the product range. We are totally looking forward which characters will accompany Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden and Hattifatteners.

Design from Finland – Made in Finland

Moomin Lights are made from completely non-toxic and recyclable polyethylene with over ten years of experience of Melaja. All the lamps are produced and assembled at Melaja’s factory in Kerava, Finland. Moomin lights are manufactured with the rotational molding technique in which plastic powder is heated in an oven in each character’s own mold.

Melaja Moomin light Hattifattener

Melaja Moomin light producing 2

Melaja Moomin light producing

As the powder melts and the mold turns, the plastic evenly spreads on the walls forming the outer shell of the lamp.

Melaja Moomin light Hattifattener featured

After cooling, the LED lights are installed and the seams carved with a knife.

Melaja Moomin light Hattifattener 2

Melaja Moomin light producing 4

Melaja Moomin light producing 3

Special Offer

Until Sunday 27th November the Moomin Lights designed by Harri Koskinen can be bought with a special discount on moomin.com and from Moomin Shops in shopping centers Forum and Itis in Helsinki. The offer is valid also at Kankurin TupaFormverk Store and Melaja pop-up store Sello, Espoo.

Moomin lights all

Special offer at Moomin Shops, Melaja Pop-up store, Kankurin Tupa and Formverk Store:

  • Moomin Lights Small 125 € (normal price 169 €)
  • Moomin Lights Medium 199 € (normal price 299 €)

Special offer on Moomin.com:

  • Moomin Lights Small 147 € and the extra discount -15% with the code wishlist16 (normal price 169 €)
  • Moomin Lights Medium 234 € and the extra discount -15% with the code wishlist16 (normal price 299 €)

Moomin lights_Melaja

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