6 March 2014

Moomin Amigurumis!

Amigurumi is a knitted or crocheted soft animal. The name is derived from the Japanese words ‘ami’ that means something knitted or crocheted, and ‘nuigurumi’, which means a soft toy. These can be seen at Annantalo (Annankatu 30) in Helsinki until March 30th.

Here’s the book on how to make your own.

Moomin-Amigurumi-1 Moomin-Amigurumi-2 Moomin-Amigurumi-3 Moomin-Amigurumi-4 Moomin-Amigurumi-5 Moomin-Amigurumi-7 Moomin-Amigurumi-8 Moomin-Amigurumi-9 Moomin-Amigurumi-10 Moomin-Amigurumi-11 Moomin-Amigurumi-6

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