4 January 2018

Magical Moomin Museum pop-up at Sokos Tampere

The world’s only Moomin Museum has opened a pop-up Moomin Museum and shop at department store Sokos Tampere.

Snow castle shaped pop-up hides inside a small exhibition with digigraphics of Tove Jansson’s original paintings.

Besides discovering Tove Jansson’s illustrations and the adventurous life of Moomins, you can also check what Moomin Museum’s pop-up shop has to offer. The pop-up exhibition and shop are open until March 23rd.

Moomin Museum opened in June 2017 in Tampere

In 1986, Tove Jansson donated a collection of more than 2000 works to Tampere Art Museum and for decades part of the collection was on display in Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley. Moominvalley at Tampere Art Museum closed at the end of October 2016 and the collection was conservated and moved to the new premises at Tampere Hall. Tove Jansson’s unique collection is now being presented in a modern, experiential and multisensory way in the world’s only Moomin Museum.


Photos: Jari Kuusenaho / Moomin museum

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