Arabia’s Bright and Beautiful Novelties Inspired by Moomin Comics from the 1950s

The illustration of the Misabel set is based on the comic strip “Moominmamma’s Maid” by Tove and Lars Jansson from 1956. The Snorkmaiden illustration, is from the 1955 comic strip “Moomin on the Riviera”.

Arabia’s bright and colourful Moomin novelties with Misabel and Snorkmaiden starring, are perfect to lift the spirits with. But what is the story behind these beautiful designs?


Arabia’s long-time Moomin illustrator Tove Slotte always starts the design process of a new character dish by flicking through Tove Jansson’s novels and comic strips. The Moomin stories feature hundreds of characters but only about a dozen of them have their own sets. Less-known characters such as Misabel are introduced to the public through stories that also feature one of the favourite characters, such as Snorkmaiden.

Spring cleaning inspiration from Misabel

In the Misabel illustration, Misabel is doing the dishes. Moominmamma explains that she always uses rainwater to do the dishes. Misabel stares at the piles of dirty dishes and remembers that it has not rained for a long time. On the other side of the mug, Misabel is washing rag rugs and Moominmamma explains that she rinses the rugs by swimming with them.

Misabel Arabia set

The story of Moominmamma’s maid Misabel was published in the 1956 comic strip “Moominmamma’s Maid”. In the comic strip, Misabel becomes a maid for the Moomin family and owns a dog named Sorry-oo.


As Arabia puts it, “Misabel is a timid character with slightly neurotic tendencies, especially when cleaning.” She looks unhappy in her red apron, but still helps Moominmamma with many household chores. Misabel and Sorry-oo are hiding secrets, but Snorkmaiden finds them out and helps Misabel find solutions to her problems. Misabel and Sorry-oo are visibly relieved, and they learn to play and have fun like the rest of the Moomin family.

The not only feminine and vain, but also plucky and resourceful Snorkmaiden

In the Snorkmaiden illustration, Snorkmaiden has decided to try on a bikini for the first time in her life, but her reflection is unflattering. She hasn’t worn lipstick before, either, and it doesn’t seem to find a suitable spot on her snout, as can be seen on the other side of the mug.


The illustration of the Snorkmaiden product family comes from a drawing in the 1955 comic strip “Moomin on the Riviera”.

In the story, Snorkmaiden and Moominpappa are bored and dream of a luxury life on the Riviera. After sailing to France, the Moomin family faces many mishaps and misunderstandings.

As Arabia puts it, “Snorkmaiden enjoys being the centre of attention, and she charms and loves to be charmed, which is why she ends up winning at the casino and uses the money to buy a bikini.” The story reflects how Snorkmaiden is not only feminine and vain, but also plucky and resourceful.

Product availability

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The Misabel and Snorkmaiden character sets will be released on 17 February 2020 and will remain in Arabia’s permanent selection.


Source: Fiskars