Adventurous Moomin products for memorable moments – our tips for autumn trips

Snufkin is a philosophical vagabond who wanders the world fishing and playing the harmonica. He carries everything he needs in his backpack, as he believes that having too much stuff makes life overly complicated. We've compiled a list on some of our favourite webbshop products that Snufkin most certainly would carry with him!

A central theme in many of Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories is the adventurer’s connection to each other and to the world around them. Mutual moments around the campfire or during fishing trips are incredibly important to each of us and with the help of correct gear we can get closer acquainted to our fellow travellers and the nature surrounding us.
Here are our tips for successful field days!

Moomin pocket knives by Victorinox invite to adventure! These pocket knives are designed in Finland and professionally made in Switzerland to last one generation after another. You will surely find a favourite among the different characters and models!

Muurla’s durable mugs is not your traditional tableware – the mugs are ideal to use outdoors in the adventurous spirit of the Moomins! Take it with you to the cottage, boat or other adventures!

One of the models is an official part of the #OURSEA campaign. For each sold mug, part of the proceeds are donated to help the Baltic Sea.

This stylish Moomin backpack is made in Finland from plastic bottles collected from the sea! The open side pockets offer practical comfort for every adventurer and your most important belongings are kept secure by a hook on the inside. The reflective bands keep you visible in the dark, providing a safe feeling to every adventurer. The backpack is also waterproof, guaranteeing a dry set of clothes for the next day!

This product is a part of the #OURSEA campaign, for each sold packpack part of the proceeds are donated to help the Baltic Sea.

This handsome phone cover and waterproof bag provide your device with effective and waterproof protection. Helping to keep your phone clean from dust and scratches during the heat of adventure!

For each sold product part of the proceeds are donated to the #OURSEA campaign

Kuplika’s ecological drinking vessels are fantastic for adventures! They are durable and can hold liquids from boiling temperatures to as cold as -30°C!

They can be washed by hand in nature or in the dishwasher when returning home. The drinking vessels are made by Kuplika’s own biomaterial using EKOenergy and they age beautifully without compromising on quality. When the product is no longer in use it can be recycled, used as fuel or returned to the manufacturer for recycling.

Makia’s merinowool beanies are comfortable and stylish, ready to be used during both winter and summer months. The beanies are decorated with a Moominpappa patch and come in a variety of colours – also note the durable t-shirts!
Made in Finland.

Snufkin’s Gloryfy sunglasses guarantee uncompromising precision! The lenses do not filter out blue light which means far more available energy for the body and therefore top performance.

This product is part of the #OURSEA campaign. For each product sold, 10€ are donated to protect the Baltic Sea in the John Nurminen Foundation’s and Moomin Characters mutual campaign.

Did the forrest have more to offer than a handful of mushrooms and some berries? This ecological bag folds into it’s own pocket and helps you carry your treasures all the way home! The bag is made out of strong and durable nylon which makes it fit to even carry rocks!

Sunny autumn days! ♥