A day at the magical Söderskär lighthouse – the winners of our competition share their experience

Last Spring we organised a competition on social media where you could win a guided tour to the Söderskär lighthouse in the Finnish archipelago. On a sunny day in the middle of August, we took our little group of three winners and their friends there.

The trip to Söderskär by boat goes through the archipelago outside of Helsinki and we were blessed with the most perfect weather imaginable. Our three winners were picked on social media on the criteria of sharing their favourite memory of the sea or why they would like to visit the beautiful archipelago. We picked three winners; Lyyli, Anja and Viivi among all the participants.

According to Lyyli the sea is very important to her and her sister, whom she invited to tag along with her to Söderskär, as they grew up listening to their grandfathers stories of his journeys. He was a sea captain and sailed the seven seas. The Moomins are also very dear to them, she continues, as they read all possible Moomin stories and grew up watching the Moomin animation.

We were joined by our guide Oskar, who works for the company that oversees the lighthouse, who lively described the archipelago and told us stories about the history of the lighthouse, the people who lived there, and the hierarchy of the pilots and lighthouse keepers. The small exhibition Tove and the Sea is presented in the lighthouse where we climbed to see the stunning view.

Anja described the adventure as magnificent, both because of the weather and the company – the lighthouse island was absolutely stunning. She and her friend Mia, who had a cast on her leg, climbed all the way up to the top of the lighthouse to admire the stunning archipelago view. Being born and raised in Kotka, a city by the sea, the sea has always played an important role in her life which she misses constantly.

See below our video of the beautiful day:

We want to thank all the participants of taking part in our special competition, our professional guide Oskar – who told us stories we had yet to hear the likeliness of and of course, our lovely winners who all tagged along on this adventure.