Official Moomin mobile online shop opened in China by Euroeat -优乐颐.Moomin

Euroeat E-business ltd. has reached major milestone while opening official Moomin mobile online shop in China. After the launch of this mobile online shop, Moomin fans can buy first wave official Moomin products immediately via mobile devices. Shopping experience offers also lots of content in Chinese covering history of Moomin and characterizations of Moomin family members.


Moomin product offering will extend gradually after this official launch. With the launch of this mobile online shop, Euroeat team shows its dedication to connect culture and happiness to people in China.

More information related to extension of offering and details of Euroeat-优乐颐 via:
China: martyn.qu(a)euroeat.com / +86 186 111-999-45
Finland: raimo.puustinen(a)euroeat.com / +358 40 561 3231


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