24 November 2017

The young people designed a Groke canvas bag – profits will be donated to help youth in difficult life situations

During this autumn Moomin Characters Ltd has co-operated with The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation (Lasten ja Nuorten säätiö) in Finland to give young people the strength and courage to find their own paths.

Students from Luksia, Western Uusimaa Municipal Training and Education Consortium visited Moomin Characters two times as part of the Glow Art Workshop project. During the visits, the students had a possibility to familiarize themselves the company behind Tove Jansson’s artistic production, and to hear the career paths and varying backgrounds of different employees working at the Moomin Characters.

Between the workshops organized in Helsinki at Moomin Characters office, students had also the chance to design their own Moomin products together with the art director Nelli Nio and Anne Korhonen. At school, the students designed and printed their own canvas bags inspired by the Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson.

Because the Artwork Approval department at Moomin Characters was impressed by the designs students had created, it was decided to produce a bag for sale at moomin.com’s online store, based on the original material of Tove Jansson. Young people’s thoughts on design were taken into account, and inspired by the ideas and inspiration came a wonderful result:

In the second workshop at the Moomin Characters, young people created a bag as a product in the online store, decided the product name, and wrote the product description. Students also photograph the bag in order to get great product images for the online store. Perhaps some of these students will one day set up their own online store based on this experience!

The profits from the Groke canvas bag will be donated to The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation to help the well-being of young people. The bag is on sale for a limited time – do good and order the Groke bag as a gift to your friend or yourself! Shipping costs are included in the price!

According to the students, the visits to Moomin Characters helped them to figure out the possible direction of their career.


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