22 September 2015

Wooden Moomins by the Finnish company Lovi

Lovi Oy is a family owned company based in Northern Finland that produces do-it-yourself wooden Moomins and other figures.

Moomintroll and Little My

Moominmamma and Moominpappa

The products are 100 % made in Finland and made from the highest Finnish quality, PEFC -certified birch plywood. The products are assembled by hands without any tools and the Lovi Moomin products are envelope size and easy to send!


As a user of natural materials, Lovi also wants to give back to nature by helping to prevent climate change. By buying Lovi products customers can participate in the planting campaign. Since 2009, Lovi has donated funds to Finn Church Aid’s Alternative Gift the equivalent of approximately 30000 trees! Lovi donates annually 5000 € worth of saplings to developing countries.

Now you can buy these Moomin “3D puzzles” from moomin.com as a set of two figures: Moomintroll and Little My & Moominmamma and Moominpappa. Figures work perfectly as a decoration and they can easily be sent for a friend of yours as a small gift!



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