1 February 2018

Winter Magic in Moominworld 

The annual Winter Magic week at Moominworld, Naantali, Finland will be organized 17–25 February this year!


The Moomin family has woken up in the middle of their winter hibernation, and are excited by all the ice and snow. For this reason, Moomintroll has built an excellent mini-skiing circuit in his courtyard that you, too, can ski. Not only Moomintroll but Alice has also been very busy: you should definitely test her mini-curling track! And that’s not all… The Hobby Horse Booble Track combines the thrill of hobby-horsing with outdoor winter enjoyment.



Included in the fun is a downhill slide that is already a classic, in addition to the Ski-loving Hemulen’s Snowshoe Trail.

You are welcome to join them for a fun day and rosy cheeks!

Winter Magic daily program


Photos: Moomin Characters
Text: Moominworld

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