14 April 2016

Watch the Stugor -series episode about Klovharu -in advance!

On Sunday April 3rd the series Stugor started on the channel YLE Fem in Finland. The series presents the summer cottage architecture in Finland with Kasper Strömman.

Tove Jansson’s and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä’s summer cottage is located in Pellinki archipelago outside of Porvoo. In episode #4 on Sunday April 24th, 18:30 Finnish time you get a look at the lovely summer cottage. If you want a sneak-peak you can watch the episode in Yle Areena in advance.

Klovharu_Stugor_Yle Fem

Kasper Strömman is a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator. Before arriving to Klovharu Strömman didn’t have any expectations regarding the summer cottage of Tove Jansson built in 1963-1964.

“I must say that in particular this cottage was especially nice, even if I didn’t have any expectations regarding it. In pictures it looks so modest. Which is kind of is, but in a thought-through way. That you can sit at the table and look out of three different windows made it magical.”

Watch the series Stugor – episode in advance here. Tove Jansson’s niece Sophia Jansson is also in the episode. Klovharu is featured from 16:12 forward.

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