22 October 2015

Vote for the next design for the Moomin kettle and win one for you and one for your friend!

In December we’ll get the lovely Moominmamma kettle’s in stock. Ceramic kettle heats quickly one litre of water and it is safe to use because it automatically shuts off when water boils. You can now leave your email address at the product page and you will be notified when the kettles are available!



At the same time with the Moominmamma also a kettle featuring Moomintroll is launched. Now we are willing to know which character should feature the upcoming versions of these ceramic kettles? Vote or suggest your own favourite!

If you also want to take part in our lottery in Facebook, comment and tag your friend who would you drink some tea with and you both can win these Moomin kettles! Good luck! Voting and competition ends on this Sunday 25th October!

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