22 April 2017

Visit Moominvalley at Stockmann this summer – Moomin pop-up now open

A pop-up store with a wide selection of Moomin products is now open at the central Helsinki department store Stockmann . The store modeled after Moominvalley, is sure to attract Moomin fans, who will also be drawn to the products on offer and the host of fun events set to be organized there over the summer.

Arabia, Fazer, and Finlayson respond to the growth of tourists visiting Helsinki by opening a pop-up store for their Moomin products. The pop-up store has been designed and executed in collaboration with Moomin Characters, and it will serve customers at the department store Stockmann until the end of August.

“We expect a growing number of tourists to visit Helsinki this summer. Most of them are familiar with Moomins and wish to purchase Moomin themed souvenirs. It is a great idea to offer a wide selection of Moomin products at a Finnish department store that also tourists know and love,” says the CEO of Moomin Characters, Roleff Kråkström.

Moomins have been a frequent design element in the selection of the well-known Finnish companies Arabia, Fazer, and Finlayson for decades. The pop-up store will be offering both classic Moomin designs and brand new products by all three companies. Arabia’s newest Moomin drawcard is the “Summer theater” tableware set featuring an illustration based on the book Moominsummer Madness. Fazer is launching Moomin marshmallows which come in three natural flavors, and Finlayson introduces the “Rosegarden of Moominmamma” bed textiles, including a satin duvet cover, throw pillow, and a blanket.

Moomin events throughout the summer

The pop-up store space resembles the summery Moominvalley. Moomin characters will also be visiting the space during various events organized throughout the summer. The official launch party will be held with the Moomintroll on April 29, and in June, it will be time for Midsummer celebrations. The creator of Moomins, Tove Jansson, will be remembered on Saturday, August 12. Her birthday, August 9, is known as the Moomin Day especially among the Asian Moomin fans.

“Asian travelers are an important target group for the pop-up store, but we hope it will please all Moomin fans. This is a wonderful investment from these traditional Finnish companies,” adds the Creative Director of Finlayson, Petri Pesonen.

The pop-up store is located at Stockmann in the center of Helsinki, on the first floor, close to the Keskuskatu entrance, next to the spiral staircase. The store is open from April 22 until August 28 during Stockmann’s opening times.

Photos: Beda Rasinen / Finlayson

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