22 September 2016

The Tuulikki Pietilä exhibition at Ateneum Art Museum

Like Tove Jansson, her life partner Tuulikki Pietilä (1917-2009) was also an artist being one of the key Finnish graphic artists of the post-Second World War period. Pietilä has been one of the most influential people in Finnish graphic arts, and besides as an artist, she worked also as a teacher in the Academy of Fine Arts.

In honour of the centenary of Pietilä’s birth, Ateneum Art Museum will open an exhibition presenting a collection of Pietilä’s works. The exhibition is open 28 Feb – 16 Apr 2017. The Pietilä collection, bequeathed to the Ateneum in 2009, includes almost all the artist’s works. The exhibition will present an overview of the extensive body of work by the experimental and technically versatile artist.

taiteilija: Pietilä, Tuulikki Inventaarionro A-2013-309:106 teosnimi: Etsaaja haltija: AT ajoitus: 1945 tekniikka: kuivaneula pääluokka: grafiikka mitat: levy leveys 8,5 cm, levy korkeus 11,5 cm, lehti leveys 14 cm, lehti korkeus 17,5 cm Digikuvanro R9414700 originaalin valokuvaus 2016-02-25 valokuvaaja: Nasretdin, Ainur digiluokitus: digioriginaali digitointilaite: Canon EOS 5D Mark II kuvankäsittelyohjelmisto: Photoshop cs6
Tuulikki Pietilä: Etsaaja (1945).
Finnish National Gallery/Ateneum Art Museum.
Photo: Finnish National Gallery/Ainur Nasretdin.

taiteilija: Pietilä, Tuulikki Inventaarionro C IV 1662 teosnimi: Tour de France haltija: AT ajoitus: 1951 tekniikka: kuivaneula pääluokka: grafiikka mitat: levy leveys 33,5 cm, levy korkeus 24 cm, lehti leveys 39,6 cm, lehti korkeus 29,6 cm Digikuvanro tunn041028Np008 skannaus 2004-10-28 valokuvaaja: Pätilä, Nina digiluokitus: tunnistekuva digitointilaite: Nikon Coolpix 4500 kuvankäsittelyohjelmisto: Photoshop Elements 2.0
Tuulikki Pietilä: Tour de France (1951).
Finnish National Gallery/Ateneum Art Museum.
Photo: Finnish National Gallery/Nina Pätilä.

Pietilä, Tuulikki Metsä palaa - Incendie de forêt C IV 1289 kuva P. Virtanen 11.12.1997 duoscan/ps4 pm
Tuulikki Pietilä: Metsä palaa – Incendie de forêt (1963).
Finnish National Gallery/Ateneum Art Museum.
Photo: Finnish National Gallery/Petri Virtanen.

Tove and Tuulikki met each other during art studies and formed a bond that would last throughout their lifetime. From the mid-1950s onwards they lived and worked openly together on numerous projects in literature, art and life. Their work includes many ambitious projects such as the Moominhouse and other 3D pieces that are seen at the Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley.

Tove Jansson Tuulikki Pietilä and Pentti Eistola building the Moominhouse_small
Tove, Tuulikki and Pentti Eistola building the five-storey Moominhouse in the 1970s

At the press conference held on 22 Sep, Ateneum also revealed their latest purchase, Tove Jansson’s self-portrait painted in 1942. Museum Director Susanna Petterson told that the painting will be exhibited in Ateneum until October 2nd and then the painting will be touring in Europe together with the Tove Jansson exhibition, starting from Millesgården, Stockholm, Sweden.

Tove Jansson omakuva 42

In 2014, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson over 300 000 people visited the Tove Jansson exhibition in Finland at the Art Museum Ateneum. During 2015 the touring exhibition in Japan delighted over 260 000 visitors in a total of five museums.

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