Grand slam for the Tove movie at Finnish film awards

Tove, the first fictional feature film about Tove Jansson, won a whopping seven awards at Finland’s national film awards, the Jussi gala. Read more about the awards, the touching speech by actress Alma Pöysti, and where to see the film next.

“My heart is about to explode. This is a great honour. We created this film with great serenity and desire. And it became a love child for so many of us”, said actress Alma Pöysti, who portrays Tove Jansson in Tove, the first feature film about the celebrated multitalented artist and creator of the Moomin stories.

Tove film crew at Finnish film awards Alma Pöysti
The unique team spirit among the crew of the Tove film was evident in many of the speeches during the awards. Alma Pöysti, who plays Tove Jansson in the movie, is seen in a red dress in the front.

In her touching acceptance speech for the Best Actress award, Pöysti thanked the whole crew, saying that she did not create the role herself. The unique, warm atmosphere at the set was evident in many of the other speeches as well.

In her speech, Alma Pöysti thanked the audience, who had taken the film at heart.

Pöysti went on to thank Tove Jansson for allowing her to “dance and battle beside you for a moment.”

“Thank you for your wondrous fantasy, genius humour. Your way of giving shape to timidness, your way of seeing, and with one stroke of the pen depict the small creature and life around you. Thank you for your thoughts about freedom, solidarity, and courage, which will resonate with generations to come.”

Tove Jansson’s niece, Sophia Jansson, creative director at Moomin Character, and her husband Roleff Kråkström, managing director at Moomin Characters, are seen in the upmost right corner.

Seven awards for the first feature film about  Tove Jansson

The Jussi Awards are Finland’s premier film industry prizes, awarded annually to recognise the achievements of directors, actors, writers and other film professionals. The Tove film won seven categories, including best film, best director, best actress, best cinematography, best costume design, best makeup and best production design.

Andrea Reuter, who co-produced the film with Aleksi Bardy for Helsinki-filmi, was thrilled about the abundance of awards.
“I’m so honoured and happy. Making a movie is a team effort, so I’m especially grateful that all the important people from the production team got the credit that they deserved,” she stated.

She and co-producer Bardy decided to dedicate their entire acceptance speech for best film to Tove Jansson.
“We wanted to thank the person who is the reason for all this, Tove Jansson. We did it in both Swedish and Finnish to make the point that she was a Swedish-speaking Finn and that the film is in her native language Swedish.”

Where to see Tove film

The Tove film has been sold to over 50 countries. In Tove Jansson’s native Finland, the film premiered in cinemas in October 2020 and was number one at the box office during autumn 2020, and can now be streamed at Viaplay.

In Japan, the cinema premiere is set for October 3rd. In Germany, the cinema premiere will be on November 26th.

In the UK, the film can be rented or bought at Amazon. 

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