18 October 2016

Tove Jansson’s frescoes on the centenary celebration beverage labels

Next year Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence and therefore will get the official Finland 100 wine series. Finland 100 project has granted the official Finland 100 -status for the Altia’s Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 wines.


Tove Jansson’s frescoes adorn the labels

The earliest Tove Jansson’s drawings are from the year of Finland’s independence when Jansson was only 3 years old. Tove Jansson’s 100-year anniversary was celebrated in 2014 and being one of the Finland’s best-known and loved international artists, her works rightfully adorn the labels of the jubilee wines – the frescoes painted in 1947, Party in the City and Party in the Countryside.

Party in the City
Photo: Helsinki Art Museum, Maija Toivanen

With the colorful frescoes painted in the dining room of the Helsinki City Hall, Jansson wanted to describe the ‘joie de vivre’, a cheerful enjoyment of life, which was needed in a post-war country. Especially the fresco Party in the City describes Jansson’s own feelings at that time; parties were a great way for escaping the harsh reality.

Party in the Countryside
Photo: Helsinki Art Museum, Maija Toivanen

In the fresco Party in the Countryside, in turn, is described a paradise-like idyll of the countryside with relaxed people and a violinist playing in the background. Paintings were originally made for Helsinki City Hall and the frescos were moved to the lobby of Arbis, the Swedish-language adult education centre in Helsinki. In 2014 Ateneum borrowed the frescos for Tove Jansson exhibition and Arbis got high-quality copies for their premises. Now after renovation, the original frescoes have been relocated to HAM, Helsinki Art Museum, so that they are maintained in good condition in the future as well.

The wines for supporting young Finnish artists

Altia Wine Gallery Wines supports young Finnish artists through Helsinki Art Museum. By purchasing the wines, a part of the sales will be donated for charity to support young artists.

Altia_Wine Gallery_Tove Jansson_Finland100
Photo: Altia

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