23 October 2015

Tove Jansson’s bookplates

Exlibris or bookplate is usually a decorative label pasted into a book to indicate its owner and any motif that relates to her/him.

Tove Jansson’s attitude towards her life is perfectly illustrated on her bookplate from 1947. Small (9 x 6 cm) picture contains numerous motifs important for Tove. Can you find them all?

The intended meaning of the Latin phrase “Labora et Amare” is “Work and Love” although it is not correctly spelled. Working and loving were important for Tove and especially in this order.

Tove Jansson Ex Libris 1947

In 1960s Tove drew bookplates in the form of tree and sea. The last one is based on Tove’s initials and it is drawn by Tove’s mother Ham.

Tove Jansson Ex Libris x3

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