28 September 2018

The Moomin-themed New Children’s Hospital in Finland now officially opened!

Because Tove Jansson has succeeded in creating a magical and inspiring world even around hard themes, the Moomin stories were a natural choice for the main theme of the recently opened hospital in Finland.

Focusing on the best childcare and sustainable architecture, The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki is built for the children and their families. The new hospital offers also a possibility to develop the medical know-how in modern and up-to-date premises. Fine architecture, newest technology, art, and human values make The New Children’s Hospital a world-class hospital.

Music inspired by the Moomin stories perfects the healing environment

The New Children’s Hospital is the leading provider of specialized health care for pediatric patients in Finland. Parents are welcome to all the premises around the clock and for the comfort of the patients and families, most of the rooms are for one patient only.

For creating an inspiring and secure feeling for the children of different ages, each floor of the hospital is decorated with one nature theme in accordance with the related Moomin story. The oceanic atmosphere at the hospital is greatly supported by Moomin graphics, paintings, and quotes from Tove Jansson’s original stories.

For the first time in Finland, also the relaxing music is combined with the art and literature in the hospital premises. For example, at the waiting rooms, it is possible to listen to the soundscape inspired by the Moomin stories from the jungle to space.

Together with art, music, pictures, and literature, it is possible to create a healing and inspiring environment for the seriously ill children.

The new Children’s Hospital was granted the right to the license-free use of the Moomin stories. See the video from the hospital filmed in April when the constructor handed the New Children’s Hospital over to HUS, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

Photos and video: Moomin Characters

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