7 January 2016

The Moomin Nanoleaf Bloom Light Bulbs are here!

Limited edition Moomin-themed Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs are finally here!

Bulbs are made with unique PCB (printed circuit board) material and the Moomin edition bulb is detailed with adorable Moomin characters on the bulb’s surface.


The Moomin Nanoleaf Bloom light bulb is the first bulb in the world to have a dimmer function built-in, which means that you can dim your lights with a normal on/off switch! The ”Night Mode”-function gives a pleasant light and is perfect to use for example in a children’s room at night.



The Nanoleaf Bloom is an energy saving light bulb using only 10 watts of energy to produce 1200 lumens at its brightest. The 75-watt equivalent bulb also has a ‘Night Mode’ feature, which uses less than half a watt of energy – virtually nothing at all.


Learn how to use the Nanoleaf Bloom and buy your own Moomin bulb now!


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