13 July 2015

Tasty Moomin smoothies and jams by Roberts

Roberts is a Finnish company and has its own factory in the city of Turku in the southwest coast of Finland. Roberts has recently launched a high-quality Moomin jams and smoothies and as the CEO Mikko Roberts expresses, what could be a better combination than the Moomins and berries?

Roberts_Moomin smoothie 2

Tasty range of Moomin jams includes four traditional flavours; lingonberry, strawberry, raspberry and a berry jam with blueberry, strawberry, rasberry and redcurrant. The jars are also beautiful and bring joy to the dining table.

Roberts_Moomin jam_Moomin smoothie_featured

Moomin smoothies are made from authentic Nordic berries, all the sweetness coming from berries and fruits. Smoothies are made from whole berries, including the skin and seeds which are rich in flavonoids, vitamins and fiber. The flavours of these novelty smoothies are blueberry and raspberry and they are packaged in small containers. Moomin smoothies fit easily in small hands and are an excellent travel snack for little Moomin fans.

Roberts_Moomin Smoothie

In Finland Moomin jams and smoothies are sold in grocery stores nationwide and at Roberts’ own webstore.

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