Suddenly the Groke started to sing. Her skirts fluttered as she swayed to and fro, stamping on the sand and doing her best to show him that she was pleased to see him.

I have every respect for your deductions, but you are wrong, completely and absolutely, and without any doubt.

People respected one if one didn’t talk. They believed that one knew a great many things and led a very exciting life.

There’s nothing wrong with my ears, and the fish may get scared and swim away!

And what are our plans for today? What about a little sock-darning contest on deck in the sunshine? I’ve looked in your sea-chests, you know. Or a nice history quiz?

You know, I’m not very bright at remembering things.

What’s a telegraph office? Can you eat it?

Little dear, by all means do exactly as you like!

But I suppose you’re badly brought up. Or not brought up at all. Or born impossible to bring up.

By my demon eye, you’re a real friend.

Schools of sea spooks crossed our course, and now and then a tittering trail of mermaids appeared in our wake. We fed them with oatmeal.

And you mustn’t express yourself so naturally.

Believe me: there’s nothing more dangerous in life than to become an indoor sitter.

The comet roared with its flaming tail right through the valley, across the forest and the mountains, and then disappeared again over the edge of the world.

And there it was rolling tirelessly in towards them, glittering and gleaming like soft blue silk, the same old sea that they had always loved!

It was one of those lovely warm afternoons full of the scent of flowers and the humming of bees, and the garden was brilliant with the deep colours of late summer.

A new door to the Unbelievable, to the Possible, a new day that can always bring you anything if you have no objection to it.