One must be alone sometimes.

The wall of wood round her grew higher and higher, until she stood there sawing in an enclosed space all her own that gave her a lovely feeling of security. She stacked
the dry sticks by the stove, but she didn’t have the heart to tackle the really big logs. But she had never been particularly good at wielding an axe.

The comet roared with its flaming tail right through the valley, across the forest and the mountains, and then disappeared again over the edge of the world.

And there it was rolling tirelessly in towards them, glittering and gleaming like soft blue silk, the same old sea that they had always loved!

Anticipation is the best part,’ Moomintroll told her. ‘There might be something on every hook you know.

Mother, I love you terribly.

‘A diamond!’ screamed Sniff, who loved jewels.

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

Girls never understand these things,’ said the Snork. ‘Now we can begin to pull it up. But nobody must make a sound. Be quiet everyone.

It was one of those lovely warm afternoons full of the scent of flowers and the humming of bees, and the garden was brilliant with the deep colours of late summer.

Are you unhappy about something?’ Moominmamma asked.
‘No,’ answered Moomintroll.
‘Well, it’ll be another nice long day tomorrow,’ said Moominmamma. ‘And it’s all yours from beginning to end. Now isn’t that a lovely thought!

Then you ask them to forgive you and give them candy.

Exercises, my boy,’ answered Moominpappa. ‘Keeping fit! One step down, two up, one down, two up. Good for the muscles.

Moomintroll closed his eyes and thought: ‘How very different people are.’

I’ll have to calm down a bit. Or else I’ll burst with happiness.

I don’t care a fig for other people’s secrets. And I certainly don’t broadcast them all over the place. Anyway, they all come out sooner or later.

‘Heaven?’ asked Little My. ‘Do we have to? And how does one get down again?’

A new door to the Unbelievable, to the Possible, a new day that can always bring you anything if you have no objection to it.

I never knew you had any eyebrows at all,’ said Little My interestedly. ‘Now they’re all white and you look more confused than ever.

There might be ants in the tree, and if they bite you you’ll swell up and grow bigger than an orange.

Go home, little ones,’ said Snufkin. ‘Go wherever you please.

Come on down and don’t be angry, we’re going to do something very special.

And as always when there was a change in the weather, dusk, or a strange light in the sky, he noticed that he was longing for Snufkin.

What’s a catastrophe?

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

I don’t want friends who are kind without really liking me and I don’t want anybody who is kind just so as not to be unpleasant. And I don’t want anybody who is scared. I want somebody who is never scared and who really likes me. I want a mamma!