Must you be so poetic?

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

Run along and play now, or you’ll get no dessert.

Mamma will know what to do.

And you mustn’t express yourself so naturally.

That’s because we are so extremely brave.

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

Have I saved you? I didn’t mean to. I was looking for the caterpillars that were making such a noise down there.

Strange that people can be sad, and even angry because life is too easy.

Life is very charming.

And how does one tell which one is the real one?

Excuse us, please, we couldn’t wait. We’re so much in love!

I think he was angry because we forgot to take food to him. Now we can eat it ourselves.

I’ll keep you and pet you and love you. You can sleep on my pillow. When you grow up and start liking me I’ll take you for swims in the sea…

All nice things are good for you.

I love making journeys! There are hardly any unnecessary things, I think. Only eating porridge, and washing…

I had now found my first friend, and so my life was truly begun.

I would save your life eight times a day if only I could.

Isn’t life exciting! Everything can change all of a sudden, and for no reason at all!

That’s where we’re going to live and lead a wonderful life, full of troubles…

Perhaps it’s something that bites!

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

Just think, being able to hear all the mysterious sounds of the night from inside a real tent! I’m sure you’ve got something for a stiff neck, haven’t you?

The main thing in life is to know your own mind.

Repeat after me, “may the ground swallow me up, may old hags rattle my dry bones, and may I never more eat ice cream if I don’t guard this secret with my life.” Go on now.

How orderly life can be. But all these exciting and wonderful events have made me just a little tired. I think I’ll retire now.

Somebody’s pulling my leg, only I don’t think he’s funny. A door should lead somewhere and a staircase, too. What would life be like if a Misabel suddenly behaved like a Mymble, or a Whomper like a Hemulen?

Whomper, from the book Moominsummer Madness