People respected one if one didn’t talk. They believed that one knew a great many things and led a very exciting life.

I’ll think about that tomorrow, I’ve more important things on my mind now.

She found it slow-going, but somehow she managed. She had time. She had nothing else but time.

There’s nothing wrong with my ears, and the fish may get scared and swim away!

But I thought you said you didn’t approve of girls with hair, besides she’s only painted!

Living in the wilds is the best thing I know.

Save my handbag! Oh, save my handbag!

Don’t be afraid, but something terrible is happening.

You foolish little beast.

Let it fight it out. I believe it’s going to do still better if things aren’t so easy.

And what are our plans for today? What about a little sock-darning contest on deck in the sunshine? I’ve looked in your sea-chests, you know. Or a nice history quiz?

You know, I’m not very bright at remembering things.

Or just somebody else who’ll be so kind as to eat her? Excuse me! Was that rude of me?

You’ll have to blow your noses in your petticoats. Or whatever you’ve got.

It’s called skiing. It makes you rush ahead fast, like lightning, in a cloud of whirling snow, and you’ve got to look sharp, or else.

One has to discover everything for oneself. And get over it all alone.

One shouldn’t kiss when people are looking.

Don’t you think it’s just a teeny bit dangerous?

What’s a telegraph office? Can you eat it?

Didn’t you understand that I was melancholy?

Not before the eyes of a Moomin! I’m going to save him!

It’s all right now, my dear. You see, I shall always know you whatever happens.

D’you know, I was born in a clam and wasn’t bigger than a waterflea when mother found me in her aquarium!

Little dear, by all means do exactly as you like!