Snorkmaiden stood with her ears drooping. Moomintroll pressed his snout against hers and said, “There’s no need to pretend that you are radiantly beautiful, because you are. Don’t worry, we can play ‘damsel in distress’ tomorrow instead.”

It looks rather ordinary,” said the Snork. “Unless you consider that a top hat is always somewhat extraordinary, of course.

I feel rather nice, and I like truth when it isn’t too boring.

Listen, take off your dress for a minute will you? said the Snork. What? said the Hemulen. Take off my dress? Yes, they all shouted. We want to make a balloon out of it.

Gee! cried the Muddler. Dear me, I have lots and lots to do! Such a long journey… such a new life… And the Muddler rushed off spattering paint in all directions

Milly old souse yourself! retorted Thingumy and Bob, who were seriously upset by this. Oh! So they are foreigners, thought Sniff. I’d better fetch moominmamma

She didn’t come to extinguish the fire, you see, she came to warm herself, poor creature. But everything that’s warm goes cold when she sits down on it. Now she’s disappointed once more.

All around him there were people living slipshod and aimless lives, wherever he looked there was something to be put to rights and he worked his fingers to the bone trying to get them to see how they ought to live

Yes, sea-water´s said to be the right thing for carpets, the Fillyjonk replied. The colours never run, and there´s such a lovely smell…

All things are so very uncertain. And that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured