“There’s no need to pretend that you are radiantly beautiful, because you are.”

It would be awful if the world exploded. It is so wonderfully splendid

Snufkin – from the book Comet in Moominland

No dishes to wash today. Perhaps I will never ever have to wash them again.

I do not understand why the heroine in the book is always prettier than the one at home.

A theatre is the most important sort of house in the world, because that’s where people are shown what they could be if they wanted, and what they’d like to be if they dared to and what they really are

Tove Jansson, Moominsummer Madness

There are such a lot of things that have no place in summer and autumn and spring. Everything that’s a little shy and a little rum. Some kinds of night animals and people that don’t fit in with others and that nobody really believes in. They keep out of the way all the year. And then when everything’s quiet and white and the nights are long and most people are asleep—then they appear.

Tove Jansson, Moominland Midwinter

Snorkmaiden stood with her ears drooping. Moomintroll pressed his snout against hers and said, “There’s no need to pretend that you are radiantly beautiful, because you are. Don’t worry, we can play ‘damsel in distress’ tomorrow instead.”

Tove Jansson, from the book Moominsummer Madness

I’ll have to calm down a bit. Or else I’ll burst with happiness

Moomintroll in Moominsummer Madness