12 May 2017

Sweet dreams in a Moomin Sleep Bag – new addition to the product family by Finlayson is here!

Ever felt like Snufkin and wanted to take off on an exciting adventure? Now you can! All you have to do is pack your delightful Jubilee Moomin sleep bag with you and you’re all set (almost – you might want to take some snacks with you)!

The Sleep Bag by Finlayson is an indoor sleeping bag, it contains a sheet, blanket and pillowcase all in one package! Take it with you on your adventures, spread it, sleep in it and throw it in the washing machine afterwards – simple as that. It’s an absolute must-have for overnight guests, easy and practical. The Finlayson fabric is 100% cotton, and comfortable to use! We only got a few of these in stock so hurry and get yours here.

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